Attention Caregivers!

No GUILT Time Out

Manage your loved ones restlessness and need for activities while giving yourself two hours of free time to focus on you!

Holistic Interactions

We look forward to becoming almost like part of your family, which means learning the little quirks and preferences dealing with how they like their shoes tied to how they have their tea or coffee in the mornings.  We like to develop a relationship where we are able to reach both their physical , mental and emotional and make each part feel as if it has been heard.

Dedicated 1-1 interaction

You don’t have to worry about your loved one feeling left out or ignored. these two hours are spent one on one with our caring staff who perform these two hour interactions because they love what they do.  We start off with one hour of one on one time getting prepared for our adventure and the next hour exploring together.

Rainy Day Activies

Rainy days got you down? Well, not to worry we have new activities that go high tech to help us battle the dreary weather. These activities have been studied in Australia and are now just making their way to the states. Through the use of stimulating other parts of the brain, your loved one will feel as if they are in the world we create and actually are able to interact with those surrounds